During a hike along the Appalachian Trial in Virginia’s, Jefferson National Forest, on the Edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, I came upon a pair of Airstream Trailers.  This was not a surprising discovery, as the AT crosses a great many public roadways along its route from Maine to Georgia.  Additionally, the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway, which the AT parallels through North Carolina and Southern Virginia, is a huge draw to campers and RV enthusiasts.  These were not the first RVs I had come across and actually were not the first Airstreams.  I had always been drawn to the classic streamlined styling of these trailers however, this pair was unique and unlike any I had seen before.

As I came around the first, more polished trailer, I saw a large corrugated aluminum tube connecting the two.  I inspected the trailers and the tunnel as closely as I dared.  No one was around and both trailers were locked.  I ate my lunch in the area hoping someone would return so I could satisfy my curiosity.  Ultimately, I needed to continue on my way and I left this anomaly behind, or so I thought.

I did not have a camera with me but I sketched the trailers to record them the best I could.