I was in the Watkins Glen Public Library when by complete happen-stance, I came across an uncredited photograph on microfiche from a local newspaper dated September 1966.  I was there helping my then fiance, Helen, research her Grandparents, who were local business owners in the small resort town.  This particular issue was showcasing events that had occurred over that prior Summer.  The photo was one of a dozen or so depicting typical Summer Holiday past-times: boating, auto-racing, swimming, etc.  Despite the image being very small on the page and relatively unclear in the film copy, it showed a gathering of trailers, mostly Airstreams.  A closer look identified a corrugated tube similar to the one I had spotted in ’97.

The library’s microfiche printer was not used regularly and it took many attempts to get a usable copy to no avail.  The librarian was very helpful and suggested we try the County Clerk’s Office, who might have a hard copy of the newspaper.  As it happens the County Clerk’s Office kept local publications in large leather bound volumes in the basement of the County Courthouse.  I should mention, the Clerk’s Office has since reported this and a number of other volumes lost during its initiative to digitally scan their archives. On the day however, and without much difficulty, we found the paper and the volume.  The only trouble now was the newspaper was too fragile to set on a photocopy machine (not to mention too big).  Not to be outdone, I ran back to my future in-laws’ house and retrieved my camera.  I snapped a picture in a dark basement of an old and faded newspaper photograph; my curiosity was again piqued.